Friday, February 6, 2009

Jez riley French - ' silence'

egcd028 - Jez riley French - 'audible silence'

*69min + taiyo yuden cdr with photo prints etc / limited edition of 280 copies*

Jez riley French - audible silence - enter (mp3 extract)

after several months of living with these recordings & waiting for them to feel 'ready' this new release if now completed. As some of you aleady know these recordings capture sounds gathered in Kettle's Yard - Cambridge, the JdP building - Oxford & several sites in the Czech republic (Skolska 28 gallery, Josef Sudek attelier etc).

The three resulting tracks represent, as far as i'm concerned, the music of these spaces using elements such as the sound of vibrating tables / surfaces, floors, empty rooms & heating systems filtered through various surfaces & objects.

more details can be found here: audible silence edition

mp3 audio extract: click here

(more info & writings to be added over the coming weeks)

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a review of ' silence' on Brian Olewnick blog can be found here (nb. one small thing to point out - an answer to Brian's pondering in the first sentance: none of the recordings are processed at all - I never process my recordings as i'm always fascinated by the sounds I explore as they are).

audible silence - Jdp, Oxford (extract)

nb: due to the low frequencies of certain surface vibrations playback via laptop / computer speakers might not result in representative playback.

audible silence - JdP, oxford (mp3 extract).mp3