Tuesday, August 9, 2016


numbered limited edition (25 copies) 

48 page saddle stitched book, uncoated cover, colour and b/w 


comes with a download of realisation of the graphic score 'score for nissei theatre' by Embla Quickbeam, Catherine Kontz, Manja Ristic, Philip Thomas and Jez riley French 

digital download and pdf available here

this piece captures a few minutes of one heck of a day. The 6 hour drive to the glacier lagoon of Jokulsarlon was rather tiring and the be honest that lagoon does tend to get over run with tourists, though sitting by the side of it with some of the students, listening via hydrophones, still was quite an experience. Behind is Fjallsarlon, a smaller lagoon but with a richer soundscape and unknown to most tourists. That is until the week we were there when someone was building a hut to run motor boat trips on the lagoon from. Since that opened this sound, this visual experience has gone.

As readers will know I carry with me an Olympus Pen camera. I like that they're compact for one thing and I simply like how they feel to use. One thing to mention though - if you're using them, or indeed any camera with a digital screen, in very cold environments don't put them on the dashboard when you get back into the minibus with the heating on to warm up ! got a couple of cracks on the screen on one pen and someone else with a canon got one crack on theirs. It still works and as I use an attachable conventional view finder it isn't a big deal but....

 here are some photos of the day: