Friday, May 16, 2008

photographic scores

. I am currently involved in a series of personal scores forming the heart of a new strand of my work.

bruxelles photographic score # 3
bruxelles photographic score # 4

estonia photographic score # 4estonia photographic score 3

duet # 4 (part)

duet # 4 (part)

solo 2008 / 2009

solo 2008 / 2009

a method for compositional scores based on photographic images.

Several of these scores are currently in circulation:

There has always been a strong emotive and intellectual link for me between the visual and the audible. My approach to photography has connected with those ‘other’ impulses and inspirations that perhaps are more commonly associated with forms of musical expression. The images themselves are concerned not with the precise capture of a physical space or object but rather they are my way of an emotive visual response to a location or experience, often taken in conjunction with my explorations with conventional and extended field recording methods.

During the time i've been working on this process I have assembled several images into one piece, experimented with applying certain conventional musical notation to the images & various other processes. In a sense, I moved further away from the point, from the musicality of the images during this time. Perhaps it was necessary ?

It is my hope that the direct and simple approach that I feel is the most successful way for me to explore this form of visual composition offers the performer an enjoyable, interesting and rewarding experience.

The scores are supplied with notes that are intended as an outline of an initial way to approach the basic aspects of the form, however they are by no means restrictive.

scores are supplied as A4 sheet per part.

If you would like to purchase a score or perform one of the pieces please contact me at:

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